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Some Ventures and Collaborations

Brett is Co-Founder of 33 Operations. 33 Operations provides infrastructure to growing and struggling ISO’s and Processors who need assistance navigating the complexities of administrative excellence.

PayBlox® is the only platform where processors compete for your business and it’s FREE! No more price hunting. No more gimmicks. We do the shopping for you! 

Credit Card Processing Made Simple with PayBlox!

Eastham Holdings has a strategic focus on value-oriented investments of domestic small to medium-market companies. Our strategy has always been sector agnostic with a focus on well-run, closely held businesses with a track record of growth and cash flow generation.

Contraline is inventing the future of male contraception. Contraceptives should fit seamlessly into peoples' lives. We are committed to making ours highly effective, long-lasting, and reversible. It's time to say goodbye to the anxiety and inconvenience of current methods.

Our mission is to create an authentic rolled tortilla chip packed with bold flavors and fun in every bite. We are dedicated to preserving traditional Mexican flavors, while constantly evolving to bring you new and exciting tastes!

Lafayette State Bank invites you to get to know our Board of Directors, executive team, managers and their team

Our cutting-edge Merchant Statement Analyzer harnesses the power of advanced AI to provide you with a comprehensive report that breaks down your payment processing fees in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. No more deciphering complicated statements or being left in the dark about where your money is going.

Brett alongside his son Teddy Husak are the authors of The Adventures of Undead Ted - a children’s book based on the family’s adventures with a few twists and turns. The first book is currently at a cartoon studio for art development and is expected to be completed before the end of 2022.

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