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“Relationships are paramount in all aspects of business and life. We start with that as our foundation, and build on that value.”

Brett Husak, a seasoned entrepreneur, has a robust track record in the finance industry, having founded and sold successful ventures like Flow Payments, Deft Payment Systems, and Cape Cod Merchant Services. With over a dozen co-founded and invested projects, Brett remains dedicated to impacting the finance sector. He actively contributes as a Board Member, Advisor, Investor, and Mentor, leveraging his extensive experience to guide and support budding ventures.

With a background in finance, banking, and advisory roles, Brett has invested millions in capital across diverse sectors like technology, cannabis, and financial services. His expertise extends to advising businesses, both in payment innovation and regulatory compliance, as well as guiding financial institutions in navigating complex payment ecosystems and risk management strategies.

With over a decade of experience in the payments industry, Brett's focus has been on high-risk ventures and all aspects of electronic payments.

Brett cherishes spending quality time with loved ones, relishing moments with family and friends. An avid sports enthusiast and collector, he finds joy in the thrill of the game (especially for Boston sports). Brett holds a strong belief in the importance of giving back to the community, viewing acts of kindness and assistance to others as the true essence of life's blessings.

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