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Your Ultimate Payments and Banking Problem Solver!

Are you struggling to navigate the complexities of payment processing and banking solutions? Look no further! I am here to provide expert guidance and innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What are you exploring:

We understand the complex world of payment processing and banking. Let us guide you and help to uncover customized solutions and innovative strategies that align with your needs.

Exploring new partnership opportunities?

Seeking new sources of revenue?

Trying to navigate merchant processing or high risk banking?

A bank looking to add non interest revenue opportunities?

Who I work with

I collaborate with businesses and banks of all sizes. Whether you`re a business owner, entrepreneur, or processing agent, I`m here to help you overcome obstacles and find solutions to your problems.

  • Payment processors, ISOs, ISVs, and agents.

  • Small to medium-sized banks.

  • Companies of all sizes.

  • High risk industries like Debt Collection, Credit Repair, etc.

What I do

Develop or revamp payment ecosystems for businesses.

Foster innovative partnerships within the financial sector.

Provide consultation to banks, processors, and businesses on payment tactics.

I specialize in providing expert guidance and solutions to address a wide range of challenges in the payments and banking industry both for low and high risk clientele.


Our fields of competence

Merchant Services

Our deep review and complete understanding of your goals and needs in and around payments is our specialty. We offer a variety of payment processing abilities including merchant services, ACH, and closed loop options.


We offer business consulting for Banks, Processors, ISO’s and more. We focus on non interest revenue opportunities, deal placement, BIN sponsorship, high risk and more.

Brett Husak is an experienced financier, banker, and advisor who has invested millions across various industries like technology, cannabis, and financial services.

Holding roles as a Board Member, Advisor, and Forbes Council Member, he's also a serial entrepreneur with successful ventures like PayBlox and 33 Operations.


Introducing Brett Husak: pioneering finance and entrepreneurship


Explore our portfolio

Brett is Co-Founder of 33 Operations. 33 Operations provides infrastructure to growing and struggling ISO’s and Processors who need assistance navigating the complexities of administrative excellence.

PayBlox® is the only platform where processors compete for your business and it’s FREE! No more price hunting. No more gimmicks. We do the shopping for you!

Credit Card Processing Made Simple with PayBlox!

Eastham Holdings has a strategic focus on value-oriented investments of domestic small to medium-market companies. Our strategy has always been sector agnostic with a focus on well-run, closely held businesses with a track record of growth and cash flow generation.

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